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New Business Partners

We are looking for new business partners!

FAIA (the Foreign Automobile Importers Association) is looking for new business partners willing to collaborate with us in order to provide bet ter parts and vehicles to members of our association.

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FAIA provides total support related to imported cars

Feel free to contact our Parts Division regarding not only genuine and imitation parts but also all kinds of chemicals, tires, factory equipment, and other imported-car-related items. Please download and fill out our estimate form.
FAIA's Maintenance Service Division has experience maintaining and repairing various types of imported cars. Let us take care of not only general inspection & maintenance, car inspection, but also other imported-car-related work.

FAIA contacts specialized shippers located overseas to find the car model you want in its country of origin. We handle every troublesome importing-related procedure on your behalf, including the estimate, purchasing, transportation, customs clearance, and preliminary inspection.
Because most car models share their type with other models, members can use each other's test results to reduce test-related costs. Our Maintenance Service Division can also handle tests on behalf of those who want us to, so we can reliably support even persons with no importing experience!

In the case of cars purchased through FAIA members, you can count on reliable service from our nationwide maintenance network of 300 certified factories to handle sudden problems such as dead batteries.
We can extend loans to fund successful bids on imported cars during auctions such as ZIP and USS auctions. Our Auction Partner Support System is a perk that is only available to our members.

We provide technical support related to car- model problems by using a database consisting of data collected over many years. We also provide the latest information, including manuals, and distribute recall and other information.
At our joint Kawagoe showroom, we display and sell various types of only the finest imported cars provided by our members. This gives visitors a chance to check out everything from vintage cars to new cars, all in one place.

To prevent the importing and sale of vehicles for which the odometer has been tampered with, FAIA researches the mileage histories of vehicles that have been registered in North America, and we use private research companies in the USA to obtain research results on your behalf.
If you are planning to return home after being assigned to work abroad or you are considering bringing the car you are currently driving overseas back to Japan, be sure to contact FAIA. We can comprehensively handle all the necessary procedures and work for you.

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